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The works of the generativ series have been censured as follows:
In the summer of 1994, my picture entitled “generativ – mit Tochter, Mutter und Großmutter” was removed from the traveling exhibition “Ästhetik im Alter” (“Aesthetics in Old Age”). The reason given was that the ugliness of the old female body, shown naked in the picture, was offensive to the morality of the viewers.
In the fall of 1994, my picture was removed from the wall shortly before the opening of an exhibition in Augsburg, because it was seen as being shocking and unaesthetic.
In 1995, the Frankfurt publisher Siegfried Unseld removed four pictures from the book Von der Auffälligkeit des Leibes (On the Peculiarity of the Body), which was being published by Suhrkamp. The publisher said that the pictures deliberately embodied an “aesthetics of the ugly” that it could not accept.
In 2007, a picture from the generativ series was removed from the exhibition “Frauen im Orient – Frauen im Okzident” (“Women in the Orient – Women in the Occident”) in Fulda as a “preventive measure.”
In May 2011, when I was awarded the Marielies Hess Art Prize on the premises of the state broadcasting company of Hesse, four of the large-format triptychs from the generativ and transgenerativ series were covered with large dark cloths for part of the ceremony.