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# Nase

KörperÖffnungen (BodyOpenings) # Eye # Nose # Ear # Mouth # Breast # Navel # Skin # Vagina # Anus
with Ute M., photo restitchings, 2011/2016

The pictures „KörperÖffnungen“ present a particularly intimate subject. They show parts of the female body between outside and inside, become manifest in body-islands. All of my sewn photographs have a face and a reverse side. On the reverse side of my body collages the stitches are to be seen; they show the body quasi in an abstract form. Into the reverse side of the series “KörperÖffnungen” I sewed small rags of text arbitrarily taken out of the Book of Ruth of the Bible as well as the Sura about Women of the Koran. The work “KörperÖffnungen” is exclusively based on my own body and the body of a friend. Like with a magnifying glass we scrutinize our ageing body. I consider this work also as an appeal concerning the fragility of the achievements of our generation.