April 11, 2013 09:10

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19th April until 1st June 2013
OPENING: Friday, April 19th at 6pm

HALEH GALLERY , Berg am Starnberger See

In the exhibition IDENTITY Haleh Gallery presents two artists, whose artistic works revolve around portraying women. Shadi Ghadirian’s use of the chador (the Iranian version of a veil) as an aesthetic medium can be traced to the cultural context of her homeland, Iran. In the works of Annegret Soltau the artist’s body is always used as a primary artistic material. Thereby creative subject and object are most closely interlinked. Even though both artists represent different generations and continents, they question concepts of female identity and accepted role models on a similar level of form and content. Textiles, like drapery and thread serve for Shadi Ghadirian and Annegret Soltau as a sort of leitmotif to envisage their personal experiences as women. The mission statement of the feminist artists of the 1970ies is for both artists still valid and relevant.